About ICON

That Moment Your Life Moves Out Of The Mundane...

You’ve worked hard to get into the college you want, the classes you want, the major you want– and yet time after time your only choices when it comes to housing are dingy dorms or dingier off-campus apartments. College is supposed to be the time that you discover not just your interests and pursuits, but your identity. Why not have your home reflect that? After all, we all know the old saying– You are where you sleep. No? That’s not the old saying? We’re pretty sure you’re just thinking of a different old saying.

… And Into The Iconic.

ICON isn’t just one of Isla Vista’s most unique properties for students– it’s one of Isla Vista’s most unique properties. Period. From its distinct architectural design to its high end amenities, both ICON buildings have been tailor-made to suit the needs of our student-residents. From our fitness rooms and yoga studios to our community study lounges and fully-furnished units, we’ve taken everything you’ve wanted in an apartment– and then made them better. Welcome to ICON.

Welcome to ICON.

It’s not just the amenities that makes ICON stand out– it’s our student services. Located just a block from the UCSB campus near the top of the Embarcadero Loop, both buildings keep you within close proximity to both UCSB and SBCC campuses. And once you’re done cramming on campus, you’re just a two-block walk from the Pacific Ocean. If you’re looking to go off the beaten path, ICON apartments have partnered UhaulCarShare to provide a low cost car sharing program for all residents. And if your roommate decides to go off the beaten path permanently, our individual leasing plans makes sure the only thing you’re responsible for is yourself.

It’s time your home is as unique as you are. So come on, let’s get Iconic >>
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