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5 Great Places to Grab a Bite in Santa Barbara


The best thing about college towns is the delicious, cheap food – and Santa Barbara and its surrounding area is well-known for that! Take a look at what mouth-watering food awaits you, just outside ICON’s doors.

Where Can I Go for a New Take on a Sandwich?

If you’re bored with traditional subs, head over to The Bagel Café. Their tender, delicious bagel sandwiches are filled with fresh vegetables, meats, and cheeses. You’ll never think of tuna sandwiches or turkey melts in the same way after trying them on a bagel. Don’t forget their breakfast sandwiches, and more traditional combinations like cream cheese and lox.

Where’s the Best Pizza in the Santa Barbara Area?

There are lots of great pizza restaurants in town, but one of our favorites is right here in Isla Vista: Woodstock Pizza. Their menu is uniquely customizable, allowing patrons to choose their favorite crust style, sauce, and California-sourced toppings. You can also try their customer favorites like Garlic Bird which comes with their creamy garlic sauce, chicken, and veggies, or their All Meat Orgy, which comes with five different meat toppings, living up to its name.

Where Can I Go for a Good Burrito?

You have never seen such an extensive menu of burritos as you’ll find at El Sitio. You can choose from seventeen options, which include shrimp, Cubana, grilled beef, and vegetarian. Their burritos stick to the classic ingredients and keep the focus where it should be: on flavor. And don’t forget to try their quesadillas and soft tacos, too!

What’s the Best Place for a Summertime Pick-Me-Up?

Ifyou’re looking to cool down with something sweet and summery, try Blenders in the Grass. They have a huge variety of smoothies from tropical flavors to creamy blends, from light fruit smoothies to power smoothies with ingredients like kale and pomegranate. If you’re looking for an extra healthy boost, try their açaí bowls or wheatgrass shots.

What About Sweet Treats?

Enjoy those smoothies, but when you want to indulge, head over to Mission Street Ice Cream & Yogurt. With flavors like Chocolate Covered Strawberry and Banana Salted Caramel, you won’t be able to stop at just one scoop!

If you’d like more tips on where to eat, shop, and play in the Santa Barbara area, check out our neighborhood resources.


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