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Close up of a woman decorating faux greenery with lemons, gold beads, and pine cones.

Give Your Place a Holiday Glow With These 3 Ideas


Even in sunny California, we enjoy that magical, cozy feeling that comes with the holiday season. And if you want to bring that atmosphere into your apartment here at ICON, we’ve got some great tips that will make your home glow with a festive holiday vibe.

Bring in Faux Greenery

While it’s true that you won’t find a lot of evergreens in beachside Isla Vista, you can still create that mountainy, holiday atmosphere by bringing faux greenery indoors. Pick up a wreath or two – perhaps one for your front door and one for inside? And go crazy with garlands. Don’t limit yourself to hanging them. Remember, you can drape them across shelves and tables. You can even enhance them with ribbons or LED, battery-powered fairy lights. Take the very short drive over to Michaels on Fairview Avenue in Goleta to check out their huge selection of faux holiday greenery.

Decorate With Sweet Treats

If you have a sweet tooth, put it to good use. Create a charming holiday look by decorating with candy and other seasonal treats. Buy a cake stand and glass cloche to display festively-decorated cupcakes in the kitchen. Make lollipop bouquets. Place bowls of colorful candies in your living room. Tie candy canes together with ribbon or twine and create pretty decorations for the wall. And make an old-fashioned garland by stringing popcorn and cranberries to put around your tree or to drape across doorways and windows. You can pick up all the treats you need at Mother Stearns Candy Company in Santa Barbara. Just be prepared for friends to gobble up your beautiful decorations and have plenty of extra on hand!

Add Yellow to Your Holiday Décor Palette

Typically, holiday decorations tend to feature traditional color palettes that include reds, greens, blues, and even sometimes pinks. But how about bringing a pop of yellow into your holiday décor? It’s a great way to create a warm atmosphere, and it’s perfect for a California holiday look. Try featuring golden beeswax candles on shelves and tabletops – you can find local candles a short drive away in Carpinteria at Santa Barbara Hives. Or head over to Sprouts Farmers Market for lemons and arrange them in decorative bowls as a beautiful way to celebrate a California winter.

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