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Live an Iconic Post-Grad Lifestyle: Here Are the Dos & Don'ts to Setting Yourself Up for Success


Your days as a Gaucho may be coming to a close, but this transition will bring you a whole new opportunity to take things to the next level. You’ll find post-grad life challenging and rewarding once you step outside the Icon doors. These tips will help you make a successful transition.

Take Every Opportunity to Learn

If you’re looking to get an edge on the competition, or dive deeply into the career track of your choice, consider pursuing a master’s degree or Ph.D.  The University of California at Santa Barbara offers more than two dozen graduate programs including Latin American Studies, French, Counseling, and Computer Science. Check out their education programs if you are interested in teaching, or their science and technology programs.

If you are looking for something less formal, consider community classes or extended learning where you can learn how to use Photoshop, become fluent in Spanish, or gain leadership skills. Check out online learning services like Udemy, MasterClass, or CreativeLive. And keep an eye out for cultural immersion education where you can experience hands-on learning.

Remember that this isn’t just about building skills that will help you sharpen your resume – it’s also important to build life skills that will help you create a life you love.

Meet New People

When they say networking is a keystone to success, they mean it. By putting yourself in situations where you can meet others, you’ll continue to expose yourself to different lifestyles, build social skills, find opportunities that might influence or uplevel your career, and perhaps best of all, you’ll likely expand your friendships and support network.

You can keep up to date with networking and social opportunities via websites like Eventbrite and MeetUp. And don’t forget to search Facebook and Twitter for local hobby groups that meet in your area.

Study Up on Financial Literacy

One of the hardest parts of the post-grad transition is the major change in expenses, so spend some time brushing up on your financial literacy skills. Public agencies generally offer financial literacy classes throughout the year – check out The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara’s event schedule. You can also find financial literacy courses through UCSB.

While this is a big transition in life, a few simple steps can help you make it through successfully. For more tips like this, follow Icon’s blog.


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